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First Call Mortuary Pouches

Client: Kanga Woo Date: August 7, 2017 Category: , View Project


Kanga Woo is a first call pouch company based in Portland, Oregon. Before approaching us, Kanga Woo had no presence online and very few pouches sold. 0101 Design created a new brand, and website for the company that continues to enable Kanga-Woo to sell their products online.

Custom photography reveals the function of the products, and on the technical side clients are able to order product online, saving time on administrative side. Search engine optimization helped cut down on traditional advertising costs that would otherwise be incurred.


Working hand in hand with Kanga Woo, we helped leverage a new web presence to promote their new products. An original logo, photography, and web presence helped attract new clients by teaching them about the features of the products.


User Interface Design
Website Development
Graphic Design
Global Search Engine Optimization
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Revenue more than tripled within 3 months after launching the new platform.


Within 1 year the staff size more than doubled.


The site has produced more than 3X the user engagement and a very low bounce rate.

“As a small business owner needing more exposure and being able to reach out to prospective clients everywhere is important. 0101 Design is very knowledgeable, professional and very responsive to the detail and ongoing service to all aspects to our website.”

Al Schiavone, C.E.O. Kanga Woo

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