0101 Design is a multimedia design studio created by Tope Sosanya in 2013. After being frustrated by the lack of accurate information and quality designed web experiences among businesses, he decided to address this problem by focusing on website design and development. By leveraging classes taken in college and learning from books and the web, he became proficient at designing and developing websites, graphics, and shooting digital photography. He then coined the name “0101 Design” and set about working with clients.

Within the first five years of business, 0101 Design was able to build and or improve the online marketing strategies for over 100 clients ranging from medical offices to lawyers, bike shops, artists, to others. This work proved to be central in helping many businesses grow, and rather quickly 0101 Design’s services grew in parallel beyond website design and development.

Today, 0101 Design continues to work with a variety of clients, helping them improve, tailor, and customize their online strategy. We draw from our experience to custom tailor service options for different business models, and continue to learn as we move into new areas.


0101 Design’s mission is to focuses on leveraging the relationship between data and design to create seamless, efficient, and delightful user experiences that positively impact business development and growth.

We believe that system design thinking should be at the center of every endeavor and carefully woven into every fiber of every organization. We believe that the relationship between data and design have a major impact on function, usability, consumption and creation of any product- digital or physical.

“0101″ is binary code. 0’s and 1’s are the only numbers needed to express any computer data or computer based function.

Services & Capabilities

Web Development and UI Design

We focus on designing effective and clear user interface and backend design backed by clean and efficient code. We make websites perform their best and tailor them to make sense for your business needs.


At 0101 Design we love photography. Imagery is very powerful in the realm of most marketing strategies, which is why we put a lot of emphasis into custom photography- to show your work in its best light.

Web & Marketing Support

Get quality and consistent help hosting your website and keeping your online marketing strategy up to date.

  • As a small business owner needing more exposure and being able to reach out to prospective clients everywhere is important. 0101 Design is very knowledgeable, professional and very responsive to the detail and ongoing service to all aspects to our website.

    Al Schiavone
    Kanga-Woo First Call Pouches

  • 0101 Design really lets my business be my business with help always at the ready, whenever I need them. They are a huge part of my business team now and I couldn’t be happier.

    Terri Warren, ANP
    Westover Heights

  • 0101 Design is knowledgeable, creative, and a pleasure to work with. Tope is easy going, yet full of energy. 0101 Design brings ideas and experience to the table, and found a way to make my vision a reality. The website has played a key role in the success of the business.

    Dr. Shaun Vaniman
    Hillsdale Veterinary Hospital