VR Design Consulting

Incorporate VR into your design workflow

VR – A Fully Immersive Design Tool

Virtual Reality (VR) draws you into a whole new experience. With the ability to freely create in 3D space in front of you, 360 field of vision, and the power to scale objects to real life scale (and beyond), VR presents a unique value proposition to both customers and design teams alike that can cut the time to product completion.

Implementing industry standard design tools, we can help you from choosing your VR equipment to getting your team trained on how to best use leading tools. We have extended experience working with Gravity Sketch, as we have been active Beta testers for the software since their inception.

Create Just About Anything

The tools being developed within VR offer a level of ease to create never before achieved in existing software. Industries from automotive, to fashion and apparel, to computer generated graphics and animations are benefitting from the use of Virtual Reality.

Many industries are taking note and are starting to implement VR into their design workflow. Do not be left behind. We will work with you one on one to learn leading VR tools, and to help cut design costs and time in the process.

Optimize Your Workflow

Learn how to implement other design tools into your workflow for maximum efficiency, and design iterations along the way. Tools such as Keyshot 3D are leaders in the rendering world. Learn how to implement these tools into your workflow using content generated in VR.

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